CRCI Prison Ministry

Since 2014, we’ve been talking about this, getting the necessary training, and developing our plan. Finally, on June 17, 2016, a group of us brought URC’s healing worship to Columbia River Correctional Institution.

Barbara and Sandy Hart after the Prison Ministry

In the prison yard after the service.

The theme of our first service was Seeking. We’re all seeking something. Sometimes we focus on getting a better job; sometimes on building a better self. How do we find happiness, wholeness, and a connection with a higher power? How can we build on the work we’ve already done to better become our best self? What is the first step of our healing journey?

Our services combine the openness of Unitarian Universalist exploration with the reflective and compassionate nature of recovery work; the Universalist emphasis on unconditional love and acceptance, with the recovery focus on accountability and responsibility.