Recovery Skills

Although we might not continue to use substances or engage in our old addictive behaviors, we still need to use various recovery skills to maintain a recovery lifestyle. That means things like living our values, letting go of what we can’t control, being honest with ourselves and others, and managing our emotions. These reflections explore these topics and others that help us maintain a peaceful presence that supports recovery.

Bored white bulldog lying on a carpet, head resting on one paw 1

The Blessings and Pain of Boredom

We all get bored at one time or another. It's nothing to be ashamed of, nor does it mean we're lazy or dull. Learn to tolerate boredom. Manage the emotions that arise when we're bored. Be interested in your experience, observe the emotions, then let them go. As one experience arises and fades away, another will take its place, life will go on, and you might find you don't need to bungee jump or smoke pot or fly to the moon to escape boredom. Just being alive will be enough.