Spiritual and Emotional Themes

These reflections explore spiritual and emotional themes that support our lives and our recovery. This includes topics such as love, faith, death, grief, repentance, resilience, hope, freedom, and beloved community. Whether we see our spiritual and emotional hurdles as challenges or gifts, these reflections can help us make sense of the ups and downs of our lives.

a man kneeling amid the rubble of a home, praying 1

With Prayer, What Matters Is that We Start

Every once in a while, I meet with a patient who wants to know how to pray. The short answer is that there is no right way. You can find instructions, of course, but you can also find instructions that defy those instructions, so in the end, you just have to do what feels best to you. That isn't where I start with people, though. First, I have to figure out why they're asking the question.