Welcome Visitors

Please Come In sign - a sign saying that we welcome visitors

Welcome visitors!  We invite you to join us online every Sunday at 2 pm for spiritual exploration and sharing.  Our circles include readings and reflective discussion. 

What should we expect when we arrive?

We will introduce ourselves and start by reciting our opening words and lighting the chalice. We explore our thoughts and feelings in response to readings on a particular topic, seeking to change and grow.Welcome Visitors Chalice

What is worship like?

We don’t have regular worship services. Instead, we hold circles of healing focused on a particular theme. Every first Sunday, we hold a Scripture Study to we explore the meaning of Hebrew or Christian Bible passages, or we might seek wisdom from a Buddhist or Taoist reading. Regardless of what religious tradition we draw from, we discuss together how those texts can inform our lives and enhance our recovery.

On the other Sundays, we hold Sharing Circles. The format of the two gatherings includes lighting a chalice, offering prayers, reading from our texts, and sharing from our heart. We reflect on what the theme means to us and our recovery.

Please Come In sign - a sign saying that we welcome visitors


How can I know what’s happening at URC?

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